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The Basics Of Bhrt Bio Identical Hormone

With bio-identical hormone therapies, each individual's hormone deficiencies or excesses must be evaluated. In determining the optimal hormone therapy for an individual, a prac.ioner must take into consideration the interactions among the different hormones,

The Basics Of Bioidentical Hormones

The Basics of Bioidentical Hormones. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women with menopausal symptoms can be divided into two eras: Before 2002 and After 2002. That's when the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) halted stu.s

Bihrt Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. BHRT is the use of supplemental doses of hormones that have a chemical structure identical to the hormones that the human body naturally produces.

Benefits Risks Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the use of hormones to help resolve symptoms related to hormonal imbalance or decline in hormone production tied to aging. Certain hormone treatments areed “bioidentical” or sometimes “natural” because